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Privacy Policy for Marine Wings Air Ticket Professionals

At Marine Wings Air Ticket Professionals ("MWATP"), we appreciate that data privacy is an issue of highest importance. MWATP is committed towards the protection of the privacy of your personal information for every time you proceed to online purchases and considers the safety of customer personal information a matter of great importance. The present policy describes how we process customer information and how we protect your privacy, and thus must be carefully studied. By visiting our Website, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

The types of information we collect

General information. At MWATP we generally receive, collect and maintain all the information that you provide to us. Such information includes data which may identify you ("Personal Data"), which includes your name and surname, personal or work telephone records, emails and/or any provided personal information. MWATP collects and maintains information concerning the transactions you complete including credit/debit card information, name of card holder and the card's expiration date. During the course of business, MWATP may collect a range of additional information concerning your travel preferences, such as meal or seat requests, frequent flyer information, hotel information and preferences, car rental information or any other information not cited herewith. It is your right not to disclose any such information to MWATP, however, please note that some information is vital to complete your order, to manage bookings or for taking part in surveys or contests. Consequently, declining to provide such information might result in the inability to perform your desired action.

Passenger information. When making booking transactions through MWATP, your personal travel preferences and passenger information is collected. Every time you use our services, MWATP updates and supplements your profile information.

Automated collection of information. MWATP automatically collects certain information about your home or work computer each time you visit our website/portal. Such collected information may include the type of browser you use (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) and IP address. Moreover, we reserve the right to collect information with regards to your activity on our website/portal, which may include information such as searches for trips and purchases made. The principal purpose for the automatic collection of information is to provide vital input for improving the overall user experience on our website/portal.

Cookies/HHTP Cookies. When visiting the MWATP website/portal, you receive cookies which are then stored in your home or work computer. Cookies are pieces of anonymous data that are stored by your browser on your computer. They enable MWATP to remember your preferences and to provide features based on your website/portal visits. All data which is contained in the cookies is encrypted for reasons of security. It is your choice and legal right not to receive cookies from MWATP, however it should be noted that some of the website/portal features will as a result be inaccessible, therefore not allowing you to complete a purchase successfully.

Processing of personal information

Personal information includes data which is necessary for the completion of the booking process within our website/portal, such as the name of card holder, credit/debit card number, expiration date and CVV number. Such data may be used for future transactions or services after your booking has been finalized (i.e. change the dates of your travel). For this reason, our website/portal utilizes tokenization and vault services similar to what is provided by banking institutions, equally rated in terms of security in accordance with PCI Security Standards Council, or specialized third parties with the purpose of ensuring the safe transmission of your credit/debit card details. It is important to note that MWATP and/or any MWATP employee/s shall at no case have direct access or store your personal credit/debit card information. Moreover, note that MWATP will always request your written consent prior to processing additional charges to your credit/debit card.

MWATP reserves the right to use your anonymized information (not payment information) to customize and further improve our services.

Provided that you have chosen to register for receiving newsletters from MWATP, your information may be used for receiving offers and news about our products and services, or from any of our associated companies or service providers that we may believe to be of your interest.

Sharing of personal information

In the course of conducting business MWATP might share your personal information with the following entities:

  • Suppliers of services, hotels, airline carrier, shipping companies, insurance brokers and rental agencies (i.e. cars) who act as the end provider of services in relation to bookings completed through our website/portal. MWATP will not share your personal email address with any of the service providers unless it is deemed necessary for the completion of your booking or in the case where your communication with the services providers is necessary. In general the data information forwarded to the service providers is limited to the absolutely necessary information for the successful completion of your booking. The service providers retain the right to contact you directly, in case where additional information is necessary, or to facilitate the process of your booking reservation.

  • Business entities that are affiliates of MWATP shall access your personal information and reserve the right to forward you details of other products and services which we consider to be of your interest. These affiliates or associated entities operate under the same privacy policies as the present.

  • MWATP reserves the right to share anonymous information with third parties, such as advertisers, associates and investors. For instance, MWATP may inform our associate advertisers in relation to the number of users and visitors of our website/portal, or which have been the most popular destinations (holiday or business) examined or booked by users. Such information shall not contain personal of users and may be used for research purposes only.

How we safeguard your information

At MWATP we undertake and utilize all necessary security procedures to safeguard your personal information against involuntary disclosure, unauthorized access, data alteration and/or data destruction. MWATP utilizes to the fullest extent all necessary administrative, technical and physical security protection measures to guarantee the safety of the provided personal information. For instance, access to personal information is provided solely to authorized employees. Moreover, MWATP uses encryption when transmitting personal information through the internet in addition to firewalls and intrusion detection systems, so as to prevent all forms of unauthorized access to your personal information.

Underage privacy policy

MWATP policies strictly prohibit the sale of travel or other services to children. If a person under 18 years old attempts to make a purchase through MWATP, we will be using his/her personal information solely to inform the underage person that we need parental permission to complete the reservation.

External links

MWATP website/portal may contain links to other websites. MWATP is not responsible for the privacy practices of other web sites and thus shall not be held liable in case of misconduct.

Revisions to this Privacy Statement

MWATP reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. Please check the privacy policy frequently and particularly before you submit additional personal information via the website/portal. All revisions to this privacy policy will be posted on the website/portal via a link from the homepage. We also display the effective date of the Privacy Statement on the top of this page.

Contact us

If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact our Customer Support service at +357 25 343050.

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